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We invested in a Kids area, dedicated to the youngest with the aim of providing them with a pleasant and calming experience. In this fun and personalized space, children can relax while waiting for their appointment.

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Our pediatric dentists provide comprehensive, specialized oral health care for children and adolescents, using the most appropriate equipment and techniques, to make the experience of going to the dentist as pleasant as possible.

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Child development is continuous and dynamic and so should pediatric dentistry consultations. The specificity of pediatric dentistry care involves gaining the child's voluntary collaboration, where playful activity is essential. We seek to promote the child's well-being, safety and tranquility, creating the desire to return.We use communication techniques such as “tell-show-do”, voice control, application of positive reinforcement and use of models. We also use the reward technique in order to encourage the child's collaboration, not just during the consultation.

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01. Preventive/Interceptive

The initial orthodontic evaluation must be carried out by the age of 7. During the consultation, possible malocclusions are identified and the most appropriate treatment is decided and when it will need to be started. Early treatment brings many benefits, such as preserving space for unerupted teeth, creating space for crowded or misaligned teeth, and can avoid the need for more complex treatments.

Interceptive orthodontics is important when there are skeletal changes, such as cross bites, or others, promoting the correction of musculoskeletal-dental development, through fixed or removable appliances.

02. Conventional dental braces

The most widely used orthodontic device, made up of fixed brackets, arch wires and elastics, which exert the necessary forces to align the teeth. It is a proven treatment, with high effectiveness rates and long-lasting results, even in complex cases.

03. Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are stainless steel and/or acrylic appliances, removable or fixed, used to prevent teeth from moving into an empty space due to the early loss of baby teeth.

At VitraClinic we use the principles of orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT).
The action and strength of the tongue and the contraction of the lips and facial muscles are enough to change the position of the teeth, causing crowding and dental malocclusion, as well as an incorrect swallowing pattern.

Among the myofunctional therapy devices, Myobrace® recommends exercises with the facial and cervical muscles, intervening at the level of:
- Mouth breathing
- Lip incompetence
- Interposition of tongue;
- Mandibular deviations;
- Incorrect speech articulation, chewing and swallowing patterns;
- Assistance in correcting parafunctional habits, such as digital sucking and bruxism;

BMT can also, insome cases, help improve body posture. 

Its use is simple, just 1 to 2 hours a day while studying, reading, watching TV or even playing games and at night while sleeping.

04. Invisible Aligners
(CAT – Clear Aligner Therapy)

Orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners is part of our daily clinical practice and is increasingly the reference treatment for tooth alignment in adults, and can also be used in children and young people. 

This type of treatment is completely personalized and technologically very advanced - the aligners are made specifically for each patient, and the entire treatment is planned and can be viewed before starting. 

Aligners allow you to straighten your teeth in a simple and quick way, combining aesthetics with comfort and do not affect your social life, do not limit your diet and are perfectly compatible with any hobby or sport. 

We have an intra-oral scanner that allows us to dispense with silicone molds and also study each case quickly and effectively, prior to the manufacture of the aligners, allowing us to preview the entire treatment.

Advantages of aligners:
- fewer control consultations – we can schedule your visits according to your availability, and there is software that allows you to monitor the progress of your treatment remotely.
- lower number of clinical emergency consultations
- allow for better oral hygiene, as they can be removed to brush and floss
- better aesthetics - they are practically imperceptible and very comfortable, allowing you to maintain your smile, without unsightly metal braces.

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Always helpful, an impeccable team. Super competent, here we are sure you can trust that we will receive the best treatment. There are no agreements with insurance companies but the prices are fair for the top-notch treatment you receive! My family and I have always been treated very well. Modern clinic, the environment is sophisticated and simultaneously welcoming. Couldn't recommend it more.

Ana Gonçalves

“(…)Meeting Ana and her team was a real turning point in my life, after a full consultation I embarked on a schedule of procedures to replace my teeth and regain the ability to smile without shame.
The results were amazing … Thanks guys you have not just given me a new set of teeth you have provided me with a new lease of life.
See these guys, you will not get better treatment and aftercare than that provided by the wonderful Vitra team!”

Mike Relf

I loved the space, fantastic service.
I was attended to by Dta Carina and I can only say that it was fantastic.

André Neto Oliveira

Great appointment with Dra Ana the hygienist. “Excellent and professional service with really good interaction and explanations. State of the art technology. Beautiful clinic. Excellent level of hygiene and safety. Highly recommend this Clinic.”

Mary Mangan

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