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Dental implants are medical devices that replace the roots of missing teeth.
They are shaped like screws and are placed in the jawbone to support ceramic crowns that copy natural teeth. When only one natural tooth is lost, an implant is placed in that same position. However, when several natural teeth have been lost, it may not be appropriate to place an implant for each missing tooth. To support an entire arch, only four implants are often used distributed across the jaw in strategic positions. Implant placement surgery is performed under local anesthesia and is completely painless. Recovery after surgery of this type is quick and very favorable. It usually does not involve interrupting normal life, except for the days immediately following when there is a need to avoid hot foods and drinks. Implants can be made from titanium or zirconia. Both materials have the curious characteristic of not being detected by the immune system as a foreign body. In this way, new bone growth occurs that will surround and fix the implant.
If oral hygiene and clinical maintenance are respected, a dental implant can last indefinitely. When there is not enough bone to place implants, it may be necessary to resort to bone regeneration techniques, either through the use of artificial bone to compensate for the lack of natural bone, or by collecting bone from a donor area.
The aesthetic and functional result of rehabilitation with dental implants can be so accurate that the difference between ceramic crowns screwed onto implants and natural teeth becomes imperceptible.

02. Teeth in a day

When there are no longer any natural teeth or when there are only teeth in very poor condition, considered “irrecoverable”, full-arch rehabilitation may be recommended. In a single clinical procedure, under local anesthesia, the remaining teeth (if they still exist) are extracted and between four and six implants are placed in each jaw. On the same day, a fixed bridge screwed onto the implants is placed, allowing immediate aesthetic and functional recovery. It is a safe technique, scientifically proven for several decades. Our team of professionals who carryout this type of treatment have over twenty years of clinical experience in this type of treatment.


Once again, the success of any treatment in the area of ​​aesthetics in dentistry comes from careful planning and the integration of all dental disciplines. Areas such as orthodontics, periodontology, surgery, restorative dentistry and endodontics are often essential for the prior preparation of many cases rehabilitated with crowns or ceramic veneers.

01. Ceramic Crowns

A ceramic crown isa definitive, personalized restoration that is placed on a natural tooth or implant and that rehabilitates it in a functional and aesthetic way.
There are many indications for restoring a tooth with a ceramic crown. A crown protects a fractured tooth or one with extensive restoration (following a cavity, or endodontic treatment) and reinforces it; It also serves to restore the shape and dimensions of teeth subject to severe wear (in cases of bruxism, for example); They allow the correction of poor dental positions (in situations where orthodontic correction is not possible) and no less relevant is the possibility of improving aesthetics, correcting the color, shape and position of existing teeth.

02. dental veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic layers with a minimum thickness, which are placed on the surface of the teeth to correct small imperfections in their shape, volume or color.
Veneers (or dental contact lenses) are a minimally invasive treatment option that can correct small dental mal positions or misalignments, close small spaces, repair small flaws (chipped teeth, small wear or small asymmetries), discolorations, stains or dental pigmentations. Each dental veneer is designed with the individuality of each smile in mind; through CAD-CAM technology, precise adaptation between the veneer ceramic and the tooth enamel is ensured; The ceramist's inspiration and art brings together the shine and creates the final shape of each facet which, after being placed and adjusted by the dentist, adds beauty, naturalness and life to the final result.

Aesthetic and
Restorative Dentistry

Dental Medicine has restorative dentistry as one of its cornerstones. The need to restore decayed, fractured, poorly positioned or darkened teeth has always been one of the main reasons for seeking dental treatments. The evolution that took place, some years ago, was that these treatments became not only functional (to eliminate pain and restore tooth function), but also necessarily aesthetic, also restoring self-confidence and pleasure in smile, regardless of the tooth treated.
The option forres in (aesthetic) restorations in dentistry is considered first-rate, ensuring a safe, fast, painless and durable treatment and is indicated in many everyday situations.

01. bleaching

Teeth whitening restores teeth to their natural whiter color, through a simple and painless treatment, which removes stains from the surface, being a non-invasive option with immediate results. It should not, however, be seen as a panacea, to be used in all cases. Teeth with large restorations or decay are not candidates for whitening, nor do all discolorations respond favorably to whitening. Before any whitening, you should have an evaluation with a dentist to find out if it is the best aesthetic treatment for you. We offer the following whitening procedures:

Are you looking for a teeth whitening treatment before a date, a job interview or on vacation? Click® Whitening is the perfect solution. It is an in-office treatment that uses Arcus® blue light technology and a whitening agent. It consists of a single 10-minute session, which complements the oral hygiene consultation, and gives your teeth a quick and affordable shine for a special occasion or for maintenance between more complete whitening treatments.

Touch + at-home whitening
Touch® whitening in conjunction with the outpatient clinic combines the best of immediate in-office whitening with the durability of at-home whitening. It also employs Arcus® blue light technology and a whitening agent. It starts with a single 30-minute treatment session, in addition to the oral hygiene consultation. The treatment then continues at home for a week using an individual tray and a mild whitening agent. It has the advantage of giving you an immediate whiter and brighter smile, without pain or sensitivity and then, with continued treatment at home, making it long-lasting.

The results
Having an oral hygiene consultation before the whitening procedure is essential to obtain the best results. Results always vary from patient to patient - your teeth will not be artificially white, as whitening works by restoring your teeth's natural color. You will notice a difference in your teeth immediately after in-office whitening.

After bleaching
We recommend that you avoid foods and drinks that stain your teeth while whitening at home and for a few days after you have finished. Therefore, you should avoid drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, and red fruits to obtain the best results and for them to last longer.

02. Indirect restorations - Inlays, onlays, overlays

Indirect restorations are indicated for posterior teeth (premolars and molars) with very extensive cavities, to replace old restorations or after endodontic treatments.They are aesthetic restorations, made of ceramic and restore the teeth to their function, reestablish their shape, reinforce the structure and restore the patient's natural smile.


Orthodontics is the branch of Dentistry responsible for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental misalignments and alterations of the jaws. It studies the growth and craniofacial development, as well as the deciduous, mixed, and permanent dentitions and their deviations from normality. In this way, it prevents, intercepts, and corrects malocclusions.

In addition to aesthetics, another function of orthodontic treatment is to restore dental occlusion, which is essential for proper chewing and, consequently, adequate nutrition and overall health. By restoring a stable occlusion, problems with breathing, swallowing, speech, and temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction are avoided. A beautiful smile with aligned and properly positioned teeth is not only a matter of aesthetics but is also crucial for good oral health and overall well-being.


Conventional Orthodontics is based on the placement of a fixed brace with metal or ceramic brackets and a sequence of metal arches that exert pressure on the teeth, leading to their movement. Conventional orthodontics has also evolved in recent years, and although the braces are visible from an aesthetic point of view, it remains a comfortable option for the patient with an effective mechanics that can be used in many situations.

02. INVISIBLE aligners
(CAT - Clear Aligner Therapy)

Orthodontic treatment with invisible aligners is part of our daily clinical practice and is increasingly becoming the reference treatment for dental alignment in adults, and can also be used in children and young people. This type of treatment is completely personalized and technologically advanced - the aligners are specifically made for each patient, and the entire treatment is planned and can be visualized before it begins. Aligners allow for the simple and quick alignment of teeth, combining aesthetics with comfort and not affecting one's lifestyle, dietary habits, or engagement in hobbies or sports.

We have an intra-oral scanner that allows us to eliminate silicone molds, making the case study quick and efficient, prior to the manufacture of the aligners and the visualization of the entire treatment.

Advantages of aligners:
- fewer follow-up appointments – we can schedule your visits according to your availability, with software that allows remote monitoring of the treatment progress.
-fewer emergency clinic visits
-better oral hygiene, as aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing
-improved aesthetics - they are virtually imperceptible and very comfortable, allowing you to maintain your smile without unsightly metal appliances.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene consultation is essential for the diagnosis and prevention of oral diseases, screening for cavities, and also identifying oral lesions. Ensures the maintenance and control of treatments carried out in the various specialties of dentistry, referring the patient for treatment when necessary.
The Oral Hygiene consultation also promotes education and maintenance of good oral health habits. 

A regular oral hygiene consultation every 6 months is recommended to ensure a healthy mouth. These controls adjust according to the patient's needs.

Periodontal heal this the basis for the longevity of all dental treatments, as it is the dental support apparatus. One of the solutions for correcting smile lines is using the addition or removal of soft issue.
Early diagnosis of pathologies such as peri-implantitis is essential to preserve the bone structure as much as possible. Once the pathology is controlled, follow-up consultations are crucial for maintaining the health of the supporting tissues.

01. Biofilm GUIDED Therapy

The GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) protocol, used in the Oral Hygiene consultation, consists of a treatment that allows the identification of areas where the patient is not being effective in daily oral hygiene care and then gently and safely removes the biofilm (or plaque), stains and tartar from natural teeth and implants. The equipment has heated water - which makes the oral hygiene consultation experience much more comfortable, especially for patients with tooth sensitivity; It also has other elements that have been proven to help treat periodontitis and peri-implantitis (which are infections around teeth and implants that can lead to their loss). It is an exceptional motivation protocol - we believe that preventing cavities and motivating our patients (especially younger ones) is fundamental.


Endodontics is the area of ​​dentistry that studies and is dedicated to the treatment of pathologies associated with the nerves and blood vessels (the dental pulp) located inside the teeth and the area surrounding the roots. 

Endodontic treatment (known as root canal treatment or root canal treatment) consists of disinfecting and filling the tooth's root canal system. When there is pulppathology, that is, when the “nerve” is inflamed or infected, the root canals must be prepared and disinfected to be filled with a material that forms a correct seal and prevents bacterial contamination. 

Endodontic treatment is indicated in situations of very deep tooth decay, tooth fracture or trauma and in some cases of severe wear. 

There are also some signs and/or symptoms such as acute cold or hot pain that does not disappear, pain when chewing, spontaneous pain or the presence of an abscess or fistula lesion (small ball in the gum near a tooth) that should be evaluated in a consultation of Endodontics. During this consultation, the dentist assesses the patient's situation and makes a diagnosis - x-rays and clinical diagnostic exams are carried out with the aim of evaluating the condition of the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the tooth.

Endodontic treatment is performed under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort and absence of pain. The procedure consists of accessing the inside of the tooth through its crown. The canals are then mechanically and chemically disinfected using new technologies - mechanized files, apex locator, sonic irrigation. Finally, the canal system is completely filled with biocompatible material using the latest technologies -thermoplastic filling with gutta-percha. The procedure takes place under absolute isolation (rubber dam that isolates the tooth to be treated from the rest of the oral cavity) to guarantee patient safety.

Magnification is used to facilitate visualization and improve the prognosis of the treatments performed. Technological advances in dentistry allow endodontic treatments to be increasingly predictable and with high success rates.

After endodontic treatment, it is essential to carry out the final definitive reconstruction to maintain the structural resistance of the tooth and prevent reinfection from occurring. These precautions are important for long-term success.

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