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A differentiated clinic where you will find the expression of modern dentistry for the whole family combined with comfort and a commitment to quality.

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At Vitra Clinic we pride ourselves on providing our patients with a special and pleasant experience in every aspect. We strive to achieve the perfect harmony between the most advanced dental treatments and personalized care, focused on the comfort of each patient.

Advanced dentistry

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Dra.Ana Pragosa & Dr.Sérgio Sousa

Modern clinic
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Appropriate equipment is essential to carry out any treatment, but it does not work alone -it does not communicate, does not transmit human warmth and trust. 

The dentistry we practice is based on human relationships, the values ​​of honesty and trust, in addition to technical skills. Our biggest investment is, without a doubt, in people, in our team.

Our team

Our mission is to provide personalized dental treatments in a comfortable, family-oriented environment.

Our patients

“Always helpful, an impeccable team. Super competent, here we are sure you can trust that we will receive the best treatment. There are no agreements with insurance companies but the prices are fair for the top-notch treatment you receive! My family and I have always been treated very well. Modern clinic, the environment is sophisticated and simultaneously welcoming. Couldn't recommend it more.”

Ana Gonçalves

“(…)Meeting Ana and her team was a real turning point in my life, after a full consultation I embarked on a schedule of procedures to replace my teeth and regain the ability to smile without shame.
The results were amazing … Thanks guys you have not just given me a new set of teeth you have provided me with a new lease of life.
See these guys, you will not get better treatment and aftercare than that provided by the wonderful Vitra team!”

Mike Relf

“Adorei o espaço, fantástico atendimento .
Fui atendido pela Dta Carina e só posso dizer que foi fantástico .”

André Neto Oliveira

Great appointment with Dra Ana the hygienist. “Excellent and professional service with really good interaction and explanations. State of the art technology. Beautiful clinic. Excellent level of hygiene and safety. Highly recommend this Clinic.”

Mary Mangan

Our dentists

Dr.Ana Pragosa

Clinical Director

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, who make me a better person and a better professional. With them I realized how special the small moments of everyday life can be and how much we must give our best in everything we do, seeing each day as a new opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.


Fixed Prosthesis

Dental Aesthetics (Prosthodontics and Oral rehabilitation)

Dr.Sérgio Sousa

Clinical Director

I dreamed of becoming a doctor when I was six years old and I never changed my mind. I can't imagine anything more challenging and fulfilling than treating people and contributing to improving their lives. I never missed the opportunity to treat someone else and always learn from this act of sharing. As fate or determination would have it, I became a Doctor and Dentist and had the enormous privilege of dedicating myself mainly to dental implant surgery.


Oral Rehabilitation


Dr.Carina Vida


I'm from: Easy smile and open heart, I let myself be enchanted by authenticity and genuineness, It is a pleasure for me every day to come into contact with the sincerity of a child, I'm always available to help or for a good conversation, In music I find a lot of what I'm looking for and in the sea I find the involvement I need. I believe in the beauty of a smile in a look.


Pediatric Dentistry


Dr.Ana Sabas

Oral Hygienist

I love music, books and connecting with Nature. I value relationships with others and it is a privilege to be able to deal with the public on a daily basis, always with the ambition of improving oral health standards.



Oral hygiene

Dr.Raquel Silva


Always with a smile on my face, I enjoy welcoming my patients with authenticity and listening to their desires. I am meticulous in my work because I am passionate about what I do. Working in a team fascinates me; I like to share daily life with colleagues, teach, and learn together. My greatest love and support are my Family. Playing the piano brings me peace, which, together with cooking and my cats, is my refuge. In me, you will find a Dentist with an open smile, ready to contribute to the same smile on the faces of my patients.


Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr.Rita Ponceano


From a very early age I realized that my passion would be dentistry. Returning well-being and contributing to the health of my patients is a daily motivation and to achieve this, I consider it essential to establish a relationship of trust and closeness with people. Outside the clinic, I like listening to music, dancing and challenging myself in water sports such as sailing, preferably with a partner.



Restorative Dentistry

Dr.Ana Filipa Gonçalves


Algarvian at the roots, in love with Lisbon. Smiles are a vocation and I'm willing to run across the country from center to south every week to make them. My query is not common. It's full of landscape, narration and music (electronic or 80s, who knows?...) They say I have an eccentric sense of humor and a frankness that is sometimes disconcerting. Whether it's cute, whether it's a joke... Above all, it's work that I improve every day.


Aesthetic Dentistry


Dr.Sara Lopes


Adventurous, I am passionate about the sea and water sports. But at the same time, I was always committed and focused, combining, with all my dedication, my professional and maternal roles. Always ready for a good laugh, the conviviality that I cherish so much with friends is never left out. I love traveling, meeting people from different cultures, sharing new experiences and opening horizons.



Pediatric Dentistry

Let's bring your
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If you would like to make an appointment, whatever your needs, we will be happy to welcome you. We are open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, come and see the clinic and our dedicated team!

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